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14 tips to become a better developer!


⭐ Here are 14 simple things web developers can do to rank in the top 10% 🏆:

In no way, I mean that you will need to do all of these things to improve as a developer, but you can choose and pick which one you are interested in.

But in order to find which one you like I think you should try each of these ones to find out which one you really like and which one works for you and then continue doing that.

✅ Build a Portfolio of project

It’s a great way and one of the best way to demonstrate your skills as a developer.

While you learn new skills, build projects to showcase them by sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter etc and include them in your portfolio website.

Your portfolio can help you to get hired or get new opportunities.

✅ Write Blogs

This has two main benefits.

You get more visibility on the Internet and help other people learning things by sharing your knowledge.

✅ Online presence

It is a new trend in marketing.

It helps you to build your own personal brand.

It will create new opportunities for you and help your to find new jobs when you are looking for jobs.

How to build an online presence:

✅ Have a Personal Website

It’s a great way to project a positive image of yourself into the world.

✅ Do Open source project contribution

It gives you the opportunity to learn, or share your knowledge.

It offers you the chance to gain knowledge or share your own. You will have the chance to interact with skilled developers in the community who can help you understand new ideas and technology.

Improve your coding skills by doing this.

✅ Showcase your projects on GitHub

While you learn, build projects, and put them on Github, share them with the world.

You never know when your project might go viral.

Your GitHub profile speaks on behalf of you.

✅ Focus on Soft Skills

Soft skills will matter the most once you climb up the ladder in your career.

Writing, Leadership skills matter the most.

You should definitely invest in learning soft skills in your free time.

Soft skills help no matter what profession you have.

✅ Social Proof

Launch info products to show your knowledge.

Launch your side projects on Product Hunt.

Have a side hustle that will help you learn new things and open doors for passive income.

✅ Don’t stick to a single technology

Learn multiple programming languages or frameworks.

Once you master the fundamentals switching is much easier.

There is not a single technology which is best. Pick whatever you are familiar with or whatever is popular and start BUILDING.

Building stuff is the MOST important thing. Because end user does not cares what you know. They want to see what you can build and how it can add values to their life.

As a software engineer you should be spending time to build stuff instead of searching for the best ever technology because there is none!

✅ Be a good feedback giver

Giving feedback to your teammates is very important because it helps teammates grow as a developer and improve teams performance and create a healthy environment.

While giving feedback to other be respectful, patient, careful and unbiased.

Be the senior you wished for when you were a junior developer.

✅ Good Problem Solving

A good developer is a good thinker and problem solver. When you breakdown big problems into smaller problems then it becomes easier.

While thinking about solutions, keep your mind open and think in all aspects.

✅ Don’t get stuck in Tutorial Hell

Learn how to actually build stuff without someone’s hand holding. At initial stage it is fine but someday you have to build stuff on your own without help from anyone.

Google is your best friend. Just Google when you are stuck. Initially, you will struggle but it’s worth it. Sooner or later gradually things will fall into place.

✅ Build USEFUL projects

Add new features to your already existing simple apps. Rarely an app is 'all complex' vs 'all simple', it just evolves and there are parts more complex than others within the codebase. So, yeah, enriching a simple app with additional features that vary in difficulty of execution.

Try to start a business with it. Suddenly you need to handle payment, transaction emails, multi tenant, security & scaling, SEO … list goes on.

The goal is not complexity, it’s usefulness.

The real question is “how do I go from building simple apps to more useful ones?”.

This will require additional features which can be more complex to implement, but again, complexity shouldn’t be the goal.

✅ Write answers for others in Stackoverflow

You can write answers for questions posted in Stackoverflow. This way it will help you to real world issues that other people are facing to build real projects. You can check the newly asked questions and there you might see some beginners friendly questions as well. You can find some questions on stackoverflow which have already been asked but no one has answered them yet.

When you give others answers then that way you can understand what problems other people are facing and you can do some research about the problem they are facing and that way you can learn more about technology.


While these tips provide a solid starting point, it’s important to understand that the journey of becoming a good developer is vast and continuous. There are numerous other avenues and strategies not covered in this list that you can explore to further elevate your skills.